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Alpe Lache Schwaben 87534 Oberstaufen Bavaria Germany Altitude 1175.06m

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  • +43 5513-6868


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The alpine restaurant, Alpe Lache - Anton Bechter is a highly recommended location, which you can visit in Oberstaufen in the state of Bavaria and in the country Saint Martin. Here, you will definitely satisfy your hunger and enjoy the breathtaking views at the same time! Eateries that are defined as mountain restaurants, alpine restaurants or alpine lodges can be reached only by hiking trails or are situated in ski areas about 90 % of the time. Due to their high-altitude locations in mountainous regions, they are usually not accessible by car. This alpine restaurant is located at an altitude of circa 1175 meters. You can visit this alpine location at the geographical coordinates 47.4811,10.0836.

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