Bürgerstuben Pleidelsheim


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Marbacher Straße 3 Stuttgart 74385 Pleidelsheim Baden-Württemberg Germany Altitude 193.64m

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  • +49 7144-884740


  • Food, Drink Location
  • Restaurant


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The restaurant, Bürgerstuben Pleidelsheim is a highly recommended location, which you can visit in Pleidelsheim in the state of Baden-Württemberg and in the country Germany. You will enjoy the food and the atmosphere here for sure! This restaurant is among the elite that are hand-picked by us. Here, you can enjoy, among many different dishes, exclusive and speciality meals prepared by some of the most talented chefs. You are sure to find something delicious that suits your taste in the menu. Here, you have many choices to pick from, comprised of Swabian, Regional, International, Home-cooked and Fish dishes.



  • Fish
  • Home-cooked
  • International
  • Regional
  • Swabian


  • Bar
  • Party

Restaurant by type

  • Gourmet Restaurant

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