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Name and address
ALODATA Information Publishing Company GmbH & Co.KG
Partner: ALODATA Management GmbH
Gabriel von Seidl-Str. 71 a
82031 Grünwald


Chief executive officer
Martin Schwoerer

Telephone: + 49 89-64957979
Fax: + 49 89-64957981
Internet address:

Trade registration number
Register court: Amtsgericht München
Company register number: HRA 102060
Tax identification number: DE294000603


I Responsibility for content:

ALOEUS© is a registered trademark. The ALODATA Information Publishing Company GmbH & Co.KG is responsible for all contents of websites and applications operating under the ALOEUS© trademark.


II Use of the Internet site


§1 Liability for content, hyperlinks

By judgment on May 12, 1998, the Landgericht Hamburg ruled that by spreading a link, one may be held responsible for the contents of the linked site. This can - according to the LG - only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from these contents.


We are responsible for the contents of our pages according to the general laws. We have carefully compiled the information contained in this Internet offer and are endeavoring to carry out ongoing reviews. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee correctness, relevance, completeness or current availability. Binding information, advice, recommendations or statements are given exclusively through means of individual communications.


We reserve the right to change, shorten or even completely discontinue our Internet offer at any time. We also do not guarantee that the contents of our Internet offer are suitable for the user and their purposes. Our offer also contains links to websites of third parties, on whose content we have no influence. We do not claim that these contents are in any way our own and assume no liability in regard to them. The respective provider of the third party website is responsible for the contents of the linked pages. Illegal contents of the linked pages, should any exist, were not recognized by us. The contents of the linked pages cannot be reasonably checked at any time without concrete evidence of an infringement. Please notify us immediately if you have accessed our links to pages with questionable contents. As soon as infringements of the law through the contents of the linked pages are recognized, we will immediately remove such links. This declaration applies to all links on our pages.


§2 Technical references

Errors can occur when data is digitized. Due to the use of different Internet browsers and due to individual software settings, deviations may occur in the presentation of the content on our pages.


§3 Access area

Our Internet offer is intended for the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and was created based on the German legal system. However, we cannot exclude the access of our offer from areas outside of Germany. We assume no liability for the fact that our Internet offer is suitable, usable and legally permissible for users in other countries.


§4 Copyright and trademarks

The content, design and structure of our Internet offer are protected by copyright laws and we reserve the right to all proprietary rights. In particular, the reproduction, processing, distribution as well as any kind of exploitation of our written consent, unless the measure is not permitted by law in accordance with legal requirements. Downloads and copies of these pages are only permitted for private, non-commercial use. The placing of hyperlinks on our Internet sites, in particular of deep links, inline links or links in frame technology, is only permitted with our prior written consent.


In all publications, we strive to comply with copyrights of the graphics, pictures, sound documents, video sequences and texts used, to use graphics, sound files, video sequences and texts created by ourselves, or to access license-free graphics, sound files, video sequences and texts. All brands and trademarks mentioned within the Internet offer and possibly protected by third parties are subject, without restriction, to the provisions of the respectively valid trademark law and the rights of ownership of the respective registered owners. It cannot be concluded from mere mention that trademarks are not protected by third-party rights! The design and layout of our pages are subject to our copyrights worldwide, as long as rights of third parties are not infringed. The unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution of individual contents or pages without our consent will be prosecuted under criminal and civil law.


§5 Jurisdiction 
The business relations between ALODATA Information Publishing Company GmbH & Co.KG and the customer are subject exclusively to our General Terms and Conditions. The ALODATA Information Publishing Company GmbH & Co.KG does not accept any terms or conditions which differ from our own general terms and conditions. Conflicting terms and conditions of business of the customer are only valid if ALODATA Information Publishing Company GmbH & Co. KG expressly agrees in writing.


§6 No warning without prior contact!
We do not accept any warning without prior contact and arrangement! If the contents or the presentation of these websites violate legal regulations, your rights or those of third parties, we ask for a corresponding message without cost.


Please send this message to or simply call +49 89 64957979.


We assure to remove or rectify offending pictures, texts or links without delay (directly after the acknowledgment), without the need for the intervention of a legal advisor on your part!


The involvement of an attorney for the warning of the ALODATA Information Publishing Company GmbH & Co.KG, does not correspond to one’s actual or presumed will, and thus would be a violation of § 8 (4) UWG (§ 242 BGB), because of the pursuit of misleading objectives as a dominant motive for the initiation of the procedure, in particular a cost-seeking intention as the actual motive force, as well as a breach of your obligation to mitigate liability.

Costs incurred without prior contact are completely rejected by us and, if necessary, trigger a counter-claim for infringement of the aforementioned provisions.


§7 Legal validity of this disclaimer
In case certain sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of all other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.


All rights reserved. Reprint, in part or in whole, is prohibited.


By using this information offer, you accept the above terms as legally binding!

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